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Silent blessing, if separation is necessary, the days before you cherish, the days after you take care of.


There are many kinds of fallacies, but there is only one kind of correctness, which is why failure is easy to succeed, miss is easy to hit the target.


Long time no see. Is everything all right? I think you should be as beautiful as ever and happy as ever. Please don't forget: my concern is as old as ever!


Over the green mountains and valleys to the crystal clear blue water, fly away my wishes to you.


Love, do not let me wait for him for a long time. I'll go to the mother-in-law of the moon first and wait for you. Hurry up and come to see me in dreamland. I love you. Hey.


Without your deep gaze, my lonely soul turned into an ice flower, blooming quietly in the warm winter sun.


I will make a lamp, warm your cold and take care of your life.


Start with interest, through Happy Village, Good Luck Town, Kaixin City, Ping An Avenue, and finally return with great pleasure, I wish you a pleasant journey!


When it's cold, friendship won't be cold; when it's snowy, the worries are still there; when you add a dress, don't catch cold, take care of your health!


Health is the best gift, contentment is the greatest wealth, and confidence is the best character.


Life is a series of efforts and struggles, as long as you have a firm will and unremitting efforts, will certainly succeed. I wish you every success.


The quickest step is not to stride, but to continue; the slowest pace is not small step, but wandering. Good night, good friend!


My sincere friendship will accompany you on a long journey, and this friendship will erase all the footprints of your pain.


Gathering is not the beginning, scattering is not the end, classmates countless beautiful moments of condensation, will always be engraved in my memory.


Deeply bless, the slightest friendship, string of miss, into a warm blessing, stay in your heart, wish a happy holiday!


How about playing tennis on Sunday? How about going to disco together? Waiting for your news.


Looking out the window, in this long night, I want you to know that you exist, so I am happy; I wait, so you are no longer alone.


No matter you go to the corner of the sea, and no matter how long the parting will take, I will wait and wait.


If happiness is a simple thing, then please do not give complexity to life, friends, I wish you health and happiness every day.


Don't live in the shadow of the past. Think of every day as a new day of your life. Life will be colorful.


If the heart is there, the dream is there, there is true love between heaven and earth; see success or failure, bold life, but from the beginning. Friends, come on!


Valley, envelop you and me, and blessings are boundless attention, overflow eyes, until the bottom of your heart, wish you a happy life.


To meet and say goodbye, sail and sail away is the end of past happiness and the beginning of happiness in the future.


Let's congratulate the birthday star, like the East China Sea, the sun and the moon are bright; the spring and autumn are not old, the pine crane is evergreen; joy is long, rare and old again.


When you come, my expectation is far away; when you leave, you are my dream.


The deepest blessing is always difficult to appeal to language.


Congratulations on your opening up and prosperity. The financial resources are flourishing, reaching eight parties. The cause is smooth and blessed. Every day makes a fortune.


It's hard to see each other when we've been apart for a long time. Let this little piece of paper take my sincere heart and my everlasting love.


I ask the sun to sprinkle the happy sunshine on you every day, I ask the moon to give you a sweet dream every day, wish you all the best!


The vine climbs up on the attached branch, and when it climbs less than the one that supports it, it peeps at the other.


Neck twist, buttocks twist, exercise with me, shake hands, shake feet, go to bed early and get up early.


Silently give you a little flower, let it bring you a full spring.


The light rain in May is fresh and elegant. Dribs and drabs, full of my yearning and concern, old friend, how are you now?


Dear baby, how are you recently? Do you miss me? Take good care of yourself and love yourself.


Let's hold hands tightly in the past and let our friendship last forever.


The theory is thorough and the strategy is accurate. Then, with the courage and spirit to overcome all difficulties, we must have a successful day.


If my wish can dispel your troubles, then let it blow into your heart with the warm spring breeze.


Flowers blossom like a dream, the wind has no trace, but I still can not escape the thoughts of the heart, send a blessing to you.


Spring breeze overflows you, family cares about you, love nourishes you, friends loyal to you, I am here to bless you, the star of fortune shines on you forever!


In love, whoever moves the heart first will lose the wind. Actually, it is not, but whose guilt is deep.


When you turn it on in the morning, you can see my best wishes for you, a rose in your heart, bringing you good luck for the day.


Together is always short, separated is long, wish our hearts can be closely together, never separate.


The oil of burning incense is used for sundial. All geniuses are the strongest cattle. They work eighteen hours a day.


Fly, fly, in the field of life, you wish, like a dandelion flower, to take root and blossom everywhere.


Today you fill your heart with the copper in your purse, and tomorrow your heart will fill your purse with gold.


May the most faithful blessings always be with you, especially now, on your birthday.


In the spring and spring days, I wish you a better career.


I just want to say hello to you. I want to hear your laughter on my mobile phone. I just remember your smiling eyes and your singing in summer.


Knowing you is a joy, leaving you is a pain, in the days of parting, supporting me is the deep longing for the joy of reunion.


Hi, did you get my message? I wish you every day happy! It's my biggest hope to make you fast.

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